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I am available to provide free guidance if you're struggling with, or considering, sobriety.
I don't charge for this service. However, in exchange, I do ask that you make a small donation (whatever you can afford) to a charity or service that provides help to recovering addicts and alcoholics. 
What are your goals?
Do you want to slow down or curb the amount you drink? Do you want to take a few months off from drinking? Maybe you want to quit drinking entirely. Perhaps you're already sober but need help staying sober and achieving certain goals. This is where I can help, providing you with the experience and guidance you need to get unstuck and move forward. 
As a certified sobriety coach, I can help you navigate the often difficult path to recovery.
I'm in recovery myself and have created an amazing life since getting sober. I want to share with you what I did and what I've learned.  

I'm available for 30 minute coaching sessions for qualified candidates only.

Please use the the contact form on this website to reach me.



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