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Sobriety Coaching  

Want to change your relationship with alcohol?
Want to reduce or stop drinking?
Want to try a few months without alcohol?
Want to improve and enhance your sobriety?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
we should talk.

As a Certified Sobriety Coach I specialize in
helping people through any stage of recovery
from alcohol.

I've been sober for many years and understand the unique difficulties involved in drinking less or quitting alcohol entirely.

Sobriety Coach Dirk
Hello. My Name is Dirk. 
I'm a Certified Sobriety Coach, author, businessman, and entrepreneur. I've been sober since 2007. 

If you want to reduce, quit, or take a break from alcohol, or improve your current sobriety, I can help. 

I've had the honor of helping many people who struggle with alcohol.

If you're sober curious and think that some understanding and guidance from someone who has traveled the same road might help you, please continue exploring all the information provided on this site.
How I can help?
I know exactly how it feels to be trapped in a repetitive cycle of frustration and regret caused by excessive drinking.

As a Sobriety Coach who is sober himself, I can offer the guidance and perspective you need to navigate recovery. 

I provide both sobriety coaching and life coaching simultaneously, further strengthening your ability to get and/or stay sober. We can work together on a full range of issues and goals that you want to focus on.

I work with you one-on-one, providing a personalized approach specific to your unique needs and situation.

I incorporate health and wellness goals into your program as well as issues pertaining to sobriety and recovery.

I will track your progress and hold you accountable for achieving your goals as you continue to build upon each success on your sobriety journey.

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