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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a recovery coach?

A recovery coach (aka, sober coach) is a person who is trained and certified to assist others who are struggling to reduce their drinking or stop drinking alcohol completely. Frequently, a recovery coach is sober themselves. A coach who is certified and sober can offer both professional and personal experience to anyone who is trying to reduce or abstain from drinking alcohol (or using illegal drugs). A recovery coach is also available to help a person stay sober and develop a healthy, productive life free from addiction.

What happens during a coaching session?

The recovery coach and client meet as frequently as needed (based on the client's wishes) either by Zoom, phone, or in person (only in Reno, Nevada). Most sessions last 45-60 minutes. During each session the coach and client will discuss a wide range of topics based on the clients needs, struggles, and concerns. Goals will be set and personal accountability will be implemented and monitored. Coaching sessions are informal, results-based, and informative. 

How frequently do I meet with my coach?

Most often, the coach and client will meet once or twice per week, usually for 45-60 minutes. However, in some cases, a client might want or need their coach to help them for multiple hours every day. The frequency is entirely up to the client, but once per week is most common.

Is a recovery coach like an AA sponsor?

An AA sponsor focuses entirely on the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A recovery coach is certified and trained to help you understand and improve your relationship with alcohol no matter which program of recovery you choose. There are multiple ways to manage or stop drinking. AA is a very good program that has worked for millions of people. However, it's not the only path to recovery. A recovery coach will help you discover which path is best for you and not force you in any specific direction. 

Is a recovery coach worth the cost?

That depends on you. How much money are you spending on drinking? Does the cost justify the pain or trouble it's causing you? What is alcohol abuse (or drug abuse) costing you emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, or otherwise. We all have to make the decision at some point to either continue our self-destructive habits or, instead, commit to healthy, positive change.  

Alcohol abuse often has a corrosive, destructive effect on our lives as well as the people around us, our loved ones in particular.  Working with a recovery coach can have a profound impact, providing a bridge to a happier and more peaceful life. You must decide it it's better to pay to drink or to receive the support you need.

How do I work with my coach?

Working with a sober coach requires open and honest communication. We will meet on a regular basis to discuss where you're at in your journey and where you want to go. We will set small, obtainable goals that you will pursue on your own. Your coach will follow up with you to track your progress, hold you accountable, and encourage you.  We will continue to build upon each success as you move forward, grow, and improve. 

Can I work with my coach remotely from anywhere?

Yes, of course! We can work by Zoom, phone or in person if you live in or near Reno, Nevada.

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